There are many advantages of employing a broker:
  • The broker is a professional and experiences seller who actively tries to sell the property
  • The broker advertises the asset in a range of channels and cooperates with other area brokers
  • The broker screens applicants, saving the property owner precious times
  • The broker maintains ties with serious applicants, increasing the chances of closing the deal
  • The broker has professional mediation skills, and facilitates the negotiation process
Payment is made by both the buyer and seller.

When only the buyer pays – it immediately affects the seller. Here is why:

A broker who does not receive a consideration from the seller must receive a consideration from the buyer (otherwise the broker does not earn anything at all). In this situation – the broker has no interest in cooperating with other brokers that bring buyers to the home (since they receive the commission from the buyer they bring).

The seller’s payment to the broker is what allows the broker the security to invest its time and money in advertising, in cooperating and in introducing the property to the community of brokers in the area.

When a broker cannot cooperate with other brokers, it is extremely difficult to sell the property, resulting in the apartments being left in the market for prolonged periods of time.

Yes. Brokers do cooperate, since the goal is to close a deal and we are always happy to show you as many suitable properties as possible.

The foundation of every successful brokerage is the trust that forms between the seller and the broker. At the start of the process, the broker realistically assesses the property value, and coordinates expectations between the parties.

When the property assessment is professional, and reflects to the seller the true value, the seller understands in advance the amount it may expect to receive from the transaction, and there is no concern about surprises and pressure being applied to lower the price.

It is important to understand that the purchase of a residential property is a complex and significant process and that it is tremendously beneficial to undergo the process accompanied by a professional who is actively working in your best interest.

For example, if you are not thoroughly familiar with the environment of the asset, the broker can help you make decisions, by providing you with reliable information about the nature of the area population, community services and educational institutions.

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