Our firm specializes in the sale, purchase and rental of residential and investment properties, as well as in asset management and marketing of new projects in Modiin and the surrounding areas.

Today, French Connection is recognized as a professional, reliable and ethical firm with a warm, family-like atmosphere, a meticulously selected team and a registry of veteran and loyal customers, Israeli as well as new immigrants and foreign residents.

Nice to meet you, I am Sandra Morali, owner of French Connection Real Estate Consulting and Investments Firm.

I was born and raised in France, where I earned by M.Sc. in Biochemistry and Genetics. The desire to understand life led me to research.

At the same time, as a people person, as someone who loves interaction, “action” and adrenaline, I, over may years, played a key role in El-Al’s security, in which I managed a team at the Marseille station, where I gained extensive experience in making immediate decisions and in providing service to an array of communities.

Upon my immigration to Israel in 2007, I chose to change professions and began working in real estate.

After having gained experience as a senior agent in a large brokerage chain, I founded French Connection as a boutique firm that offers comprehensive service and personal accompaniment to our customers, in compliance with the highest professional standards implemented overseas.

As manager of the firm, I found it important to create an innovative service philosophy that centers around making the customer the top of our priorities.

We have also adopted a meticulous method of mapping for assets and relevant buyers in order to spare our customers valuable time and ensuring they receive maximum consideration.



We personally match agents to every buyer based on their needs, thereby ensuring the best possible service, and a consistent, speedy response.

Access to all real estate registries in the market

Due to ties with regional brokers in real time and access to all properties currently on the market, we can present our customers with assets that are not exclusive to our firm.


Our team is diverse, speaks four languages, has strong ties with Jewish communities around the world and regularly attends immigrant conferences and other Jewish organization activities. In other words, extremely involved in quickly and effectively obtaining buyers, and expanding the nature of the market.

The French Connection team suports you throughout the processs